Quick access to colors

edition: 1.10.78     Updated: 4Hours ago
Camera color selection

Camera real-time color recognition

Picture color selection

Obtain image pixel color values and main colors

Screen color selection

Color extraction of any interface on mobile phones

Update Content

1. Optimize the application; 2. Fix the color name language switching problem of some models; 3. Optimize the color name search; 4. Optimize and adapt to Android 14.

Application Introduction

Discover a world of endless colors with just one touch.

[Color picker, palette tool - the art of controlling color]
Explore unlimited colors at your fingertips. Accurately capture and analyze colors for you through cameras, screens, pictures and other methods. From basic RGB and CMYK to advanced HEX, LAB, and HSL, we provide a full range of color selection and conversion tools.

【Main features】
1. Color picker: Freely select colors, support transparency adjustment, and easily switch color formats.
2. Camera color selection: Take a panoramic view of the colors in the real world and automatically identify and obtain color values.
3. Screen color picking: The floating window allows you to easily pick up any screen color and achieve cross-application color picking.
4. Image color selection: Accurately identify pixel-level colors in images and present you with the perfect color scheme.
5. Color details: Provides rich color information and supports a variety of conversion and analysis functions.
6. Ink color mixing: Mix colors online and explore the infinite possibilities of ink mixing.
7. Intermediate color query: quickly find the intermediate color between two colors to enrich your palette.
8. Color difference calculation: Accurately calculate color differences and support multiple color difference formats.
9. Color contrast: Quickly compare the differences in colors and make the contrast clear at a glance.
10. Random color generation: Inspire creative inspiration and easily generate unique color values.
11. Gradient color: multiple gradient methods, generate XML and CSS code to meet your design needs.
12. Color scheme: Built-in multiple sets of gradient color schemes, personalized editing and preview, to help you create a unique style.
13. Color conversion: Supports conversion between multiple color formats, making color use more flexible.

[Excellent experience]
The fresh and simple interface design allows you to immerse yourself in the world of color. At the same time, we provide a powerful color memory function to help you control colors easily. Whether you are a professional designer or a color enthusiast, this application can satisfy your endless pursuit of color.

【Control color at your fingertips】
Whether you are looking for inspiration or professional design, this app provides you with the most convenient and accurate color selection and analysis tools. Let color be the wings of your creativity and fly into endless possibilities.