Color Selector

Color Selector

Quick access to colors

edition: 1.1.52     Updated: 02/04 20:57
Camera color selection

Camera real-time color recognition

Picture color selection

Obtain image pixel color values and main colors

Screen color selection

Color extraction of any interface on mobile phones

Update Content

1. Optimize mode switching and fix the problem of being unable to save after switching modes and languages; 2. Fixed the issue where the album still shows no permissions after authorization in some cases.

Application Introduction

Color Selecter - Camera, Screen, Picture Capture Color | Color Extractor&Color Analyzer&Color Card&Color Selection
Short Description:
Obtain colors using cameras, screens, pictures, and color cards
Your preferred color picker, palette tool. A variety of color selection methods such as camera color selection, screen color selection, image color selection, and color picker independent selection, including color cards, Android, Apple, web security colors, traditional Chinese colors, and traditional Japanese colors, provide you with convenient color selection, support color memory, and a fresh software interface to help you easily control colors [Main Functions]
1. Color Picker and Palette: RGB, CMYK, HEX, LAB, HSL, YUV, and other color formats can be selected. Users can touch the color palette to select colors independently, or obtain colors through the following methods. Alpha color transparency drag, input changes, and color palette precise switching 2. Camera Color Picking: Using the camera and camera functions, open the in-app camera page, and automatically obtain the color value of the camera center location for you. You can click on the obtained color to view more details Screen color selection: Open the color selection floating tool window, drag and drop the window to achieve color extraction from any application interface, and support desktop one-click copying and sharing operations 4. Image color selection: In the image color selection interface, touch and drag to accurately identify pixel level colors of the image 5. Color Details: Color details in multiple formats in the color space, supporting self-service conversion of gradient colors, complementary colors, contrast colors, medium difference colors, adjacent colors, similar colors, and similar colors. Support the resolution of three primary colors and CMYK. Support for automatic generation and preview of color matching 6. Color palette: supports users to adjust colors online; Mixing and splitting of three primary colors and CMYK 7. Intermediate Color Query: Quickly query the intermediate color values of two colors 8. Color difference calculation: Quickly calculate the color difference values of two colors 9. Gradient: Support for switching gradient methods, generating XML and CSS gradient codes online 10. Color Scheme: Multiple sets of gradient color schemes are built into the application, supporting user editing and preview 11. Color Random: Randomly generate color values, and users can click on "Favorite" to query.