Operations such as compressing, renaming, rotating, filtering, cropping, and saving formats for batch images

edition: 1.0.12     Updated: 05/28
compress pictures

Customized size compression, quality compression, intelligent compression speed calculation of mu with specified maximum value


Multiple filter methods, reverse, retro, etc


Supports functions such as replacing names and adding indexes

Update Content

1. Optimize the application interface and image preview; 2. Fixed the problem of being unable to share in some cases; 3. Fixed the problem that pictures could not be saved locally.

Application Introduction

Convenient for users to compress, rename, rotate, filter, slice, save formats, and other operations for batch images.
Main Features

1. Compress images - supports multiple compression methods such as user-defined size compression, quality compression, and intelligent compression with specified maximum values;
2. Rename - supports functions such as replacing names and adding indexes;
3. Rotation - supports rotating images in the specified direction to achieve consistent orientation;
4. Filter - Multiple filter methods, reverse, retro, etc;
5. Slice - Specify how to segment images;
6. Format - supports saving to image formats such as png, jpg, webp, etc.
Introduction: Batch compression, renaming, rotation, filtering, and image slicing processing