Signal Detector

Signal Detector

Quickly view phone, WIFI, Bluetooth, and satellite signal information

edition: 1.10.36     Updated: 05/22
Mobile signal

Real time query of mobile signal strength, service, and nearby community information

WIFI signal query

Real time WIFI signal strength, nearby WIFI information

Satellite Information

Real time satellite signal information query

Update Content

1. Optimize the acquisition of mobile phone signal base stations; 2. Fixed the problem that humidity detection does not support negative number input.

Application Introduction

Detect signal information such as mobile phones, WIFI, Bluetooth, GPS, and magnetic fields [Main features]
1. Mobile phone signal: real-time detection of mobile phone signal strength, query SIM card information, operator information, and other information, query service cell information, obtain cell signal strength, LAC/TAC/ci, and browse nearby cell information and other signal detection services 2. WIFI signal: real-time detection of WIFI signal strength, query of WIFI information, such as signal strength, mac address, channel, IP configuration, connection rate, and other related information, and acquisition of WIFI signal and channel information GPS signal: real-time detection of GPS signal information, acquisition of satellite information, including nationality names (GPS in the United States, Beidou in China, Galileo in the European Union, GLONASS in Russia, quasi zenith satellite system in Japan, IRNSS in India), satellite number, real-time location of satellites, availability, longitude, latitude, address, and other information Bluetooth signal: real-time detection of Bluetooth signal strength, acquisition of currently connected Bluetooth MAC address and other information; Query the paired list, scan to find more devices, and other functions 5. Sensor information: Obtain all available sensor devices on the device, and read their current values, power, accuracy, and other related data in real time; It is also used in practical applications, such as thermometers, compasses, brightness meters, barometers, and other practical calculations 6. Speed: Used to query information such as current device movement speed, movement direction, and number of satellites 7. Magnetic field: magnetic field query, threshold alarm.