APP Analyzer

APP Analyzer

Quick application management, APK file content reading

edition: 1.0.70     Updated: 06/12
Resource File

Query the content of resource files in APK

Permissions Information

Query APK permissions - sensitive permissions

Signature Information

APK Signature Query

Update Content

1. Fixed the problem of incomplete software list for some models; 2. Optimized image preview, download, and sharing operations; 3. Fixed other known issues.

Application Introduction

Brief description: Application information query management Introduction:
App Analyzer is a tool for browsing and analyzing installed/uninstalled app information. The interface is fresh and easy to operate, helping you quickly browse and share app details Features:
1. Applications can view installed apps, system presets, and uninstalled APK files on the phone, and extract app installation files 2. Support for viewing the following information: apk information, app information, application package name view, installation date, upgrade date, occupied space, version number, installation location, application usage statistics, foreground and background services, broadcast services, application permission view, application permission management, hardware requirement query, APK resource search, certificate signature md5, process name, UID, signature information detailed query, etc.