Land Area

Land Area

Quickly calculate the number of acres in a field

edition: 1.0.19     Updated: 06/12
Detour calculation

Quick calculation of mu by detour

Map selection

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Application Introduction

Convenient measurement of land area
【 Main Functions 】
1. Traverse measurement - automatically calculate the size of the target area by circling around the target for one cycle
2. Map selection - Press and hold the map to select the target boundary point to calculate the size of the target area
3. Linear ranging - Select a map or locate to obtain the starting point, and then calculate the true distance between two points
4. Area calculation - supports multiple units of display, including acres, minutes, centimeters, hectares, hectares, acres, nautical miles, inches, inches, kilometers, kilometers, and other units
5. Map types - standard maps and satellite maps
6. History - Record the measurement history for future reference and use.