Current Info

Current Info

Inquiry of surrounding environment information

edition: 1.0.57     Updated: 05/25
Satellite data

Real time query of satellite information

Time query

Lunar, solar, Taoist, and Buddhist calendars, countdown to holidays

Network Data

Real time viewing of WiFi and mobile signal strength

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Application Introduction

Instant Tools is a safe, free tool application that allows you to quickly obtain environmental information about your location, air pressure, humidity, and other related information Main functions:
1. Browse coordinates, altitude, address, speed, real-time satellite location, and available quantity Obtain compass, magnetic field, brightness, air pressure, humidity, and temperature information for display within the application, and record data fluctuations 3. Obtain mobile signals, wifi signals, and record signal fluctuations to facilitate your search for the best signal location 4. Obtain network weather information, display the user's current weather information, and use it to compensate for data display when the device does not support related sensors 5. Obtain the current time information, such as the lunar calendar, solar calendar, Buddhist calendar, Taoist calendar, and other dates, as well as relevant holiday information, and display it in the form of a countdown;